Digital Freight Quote - Provdier Instructions

It starts with an Email:

Air/Ocean and Road spot quotes can be sent  to any freight provider on our system. The quotes are broken down into four sections:

1. Quote Name
2. Origin / Destination
3. Shipment Details (Dims/Weight/Container Type/Truck Type)
4. Additional Handling Instructions

The email includes a link for the provider to submit their rate. It will look as follows:



How to respond:

Read and ensure you have all the details to quote.

Asking a question

Hit reply to the quote, your reply  will be sent to all participating parties on the shipment. You can CC and BCC any additional contacts you wish. Replying to the original quote request is the best way to get an answer to your question.

Submitting a Quote

Once ready to submit your rate. Click the submission link to provide the following:

1. Quote 

2. Confirm Currency

3. Approx. Transit

4. Additional Comments


In the event they would like to add an attachment to the freight quote, reply to the email with your attachment. Again, you can CC and BCC any additional people you wish to include.